Rental Information


The Benedum Civic Center and the shelters located in City Park, Compton Park, and Deegan and Hinkle Lakes Park can be rented by individuals for birthday parties, family reunions, meetings or for most other needs. Call the Parks and Recreation office at 842-8240 for more information.

To inquire about rental of other facilities such as the swimming pool, please contact Michelle Leonard at 304-842-8240.

Book your family reunion, school picnic or special outing with us. Starting January 10th, of each year, Bridgeport Parks and Recreation will be taking reservations for shelters. Registration for all pool related activities including passes, swim lessons, and pool rentals begin on April 15th each year. Don't wait till the last minute, reservations fill-up fast.

Shelter Rental Fees

City Park Dogwood Shelter           $60
City Park Rotary Shelter                $45
Compton Park Shelter                   $40
Deegan Lake Shelter                     $40