Operating Procedures


1. Recreation, park, and conservation areas shall be open to the public from sunrise to sunset, unless otherwise posted. All sports courts close at midnight, and timers quit in respect of residents.

2. All vacant facilities and areas in recreation and park sites may be used (without a permit) only for the purposes designated. Special activities are allowed by permits issued by the Parks & Recreation Department for specific dates and times at a particular facility. The general public should then vacate a facility in lieu of a permit. Examples of this include reserved sport court time for league and tournament activities, as well as shelter rentals.

3. The following acts are against the law and will not be tolerated. Littering; Endangering the safety of others; Disturbing the peace at a public facility or adjacent private property.

4. No alcohol is permitted on public property in the City of Bridgeport, as it is unlawful for any person to have in his or her possession, custody, or control, any alcoholic beverage.

5. Parking is permitted in designated areas only.

6. Persons witnessing illegal acts or evidence of inappropriate activity are urged to contact the Bridgeport Police Department at 842-8260 or 911 in emergency situations