Do I need a fishing permit for Hinkle and Deegan Lakes?

Yes, a fishing permit is required. To obtain a fishing permit please contact Michelle Leonard at 304-842-8240.

Who do I contact for youth activities?

Contact information may be found on the Area Sports page.

Who do I contact to rent the pool and/or a shelter?

To inquire about rental of other facilities, please contact Michelle Leonard? at 304-842-8240.

Reservations for shelters begin January 10th each year, and registration for all pool related activities begin on April 15th each year. 

Please check out the Rental Information page to see a listing of fees.

Where do I get a pool pass?

You can get pool passes at the Civic Center. For more information, please contact Michelle Leonard at 304-842-8240.

What types of activities does the City of Bridgeport offer?

The City's activity can be found here. Please note the activity guide is published three times a year.

Can the facilities and areas of recreation and park sites be used when vacant?

All vacant facilities and areas in recreation and park sites may be used (without a permit) only for the purposes designated. Special activities are allowed by permits issued by the Parks and Recreation Department.

Where can I located the Bridgeport Recreational Complex Schedule?

The Bridgeport Recreational Complex Schedule can be found here.

What parks are within the City of Bridgeport?

The City of Bridgeport has many wonderful parks, such as Deegan & Hinle Lakes Park, Lion's Point Park, Compton Park, Briarwood Park, Bridgeport City Park, and Bridgeport Bark Park.

How do I report a maintenance problem at the park?

Please contact Michelle Leonard at 304-842-8240.