Human Resources / Personnel / Information Technology / Safety

Human Resources / Personnel:

In addition to providing Human Resource support to all departments and employees, the following are areas that we continue to strive for excellence in attainment:

Recruitment and selection of high quality employees
It is our goal to find individuals for all city departments who are motivated and share the professional attitude of current City staff in providing high quality service to our customers.

Performance management
We provide, review and evaluate performance standards reviews conducted by our supervisors.

Compliance and records management
We maintain official personnel records for all city employees, and ensure compliance with state and federal employment law mandates.

Employee payroll and benefit administrator
Administer payroll and benefits for a staff of 150 employees

Collaboratively working with the Senior Management Team to develop a comprehensive Strategic Planning process.

Provide assistance and support to those injured on the job
The City has certified return to work program that strives to return our employees to work in a quick, safe and efficient manner.

Employee Relations
The Personnel / HR Department has an open door policy for employees to share concerns and suggestions. We strive to ensure fair treatment of employees at all times and to promote a satisfying working environment throughout the organization.

IT Department:

  • Analyzing system logs and identifying potential issues with computer systems.
  • Introducing and integrating new technologies into existing data center environments.
  • Performing routine audits of systems and software.
  • Responsibility for network infrastructure and security.
  • Responsibility for documenting the configuration of the system and performance tuning.


The City is committed to ensuring that the health and safety of all employees and residents is a high priority. We maintain this status by having a Safety Manager.

The Safety Manager works with other Department Heads to:

  • Conduct internal incident investigations
  • Perform internal audits to recognize hazards and take steps to correct such hazards
  • Organize and create training for City employees
  • Handle insurance claims and create ways to help mitigate losses within the City