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Their main objective is to provide efficient quality services to all of our customers in a professional manner, whether they are residents of the city, businesses operating within the city limits or staff members from other departments within the City of Bridgeport.

It is the goal of the Finance Department to complete this task in accordance with the standards established by the Governmental Finance Auditor's Association of the United States, West Virginia state law and Bridgeport Municipal Code. This Department works in three main areas of the City's financial operations:

Employees in the department of General Governmental Financial Operations perform work in the areas of budgeting, purchasing, accounts payable and grant management. Bridgeport City Council approves budgets for the general, water, sewer and cemetery funds. The department manages these line item budges through a purchase order system. It is the City's policy to pay all vendors within thirty days of an approved invoice. Employees in this area also provide grant management for various city grants.

Employees working in the Business Tax and Licensing department are responsible for helping businesses obtain a city license and insuring the remittance of business and occupational tax on gross income received from operating within the city limits. There are currently 2,054 businesses that are licensed and pay taxes to the City. Quarterly tax returns are due 30 days from the end of each quarter.

Employees working in the Utility Billing and Cash collections department currently provide billing and collecting to approximately 5,251 accounts. Monthly bills are mailed to customers for water, sewer and fire fees.

Additional information regarding budgets, utility sign up, licensing and taxes may be found by following the appropriate links.