Who needs a Business License?

Bridgeport City Council passed an ordinance effective July 1, 2009 which charges the type of license required to do a business in Bridgeport under the new ordinance. All person(s) performing construction activities, furnishes real property for lease or rent for any purpose, and/or conducts activity for income are required to obtain a Municipal Registration Certificate

How do I get a Business License?

In order to conduct business in the municipal limits of the City of Bridgeport, you must first contact the Tax & Licensing Division to obtain a Municipal Registration Certificate

How do I sign up for water & sewer service?

Information regarding Water & Sewer Services may be found here. For more information please call 304-842-8220.

Is there a charge if my service was disconnected?

When service has been disconnected for non-payment of bills a disconnection fee of $25.00 shall be charged; or in the event the delinquent bill is collected by the city in the field, an administrative fee of $25.00 shall be charged. A $25.00 reconnection fee will be assessed for each occurrence where service to customers is restored, after service has been terminated for non-payment of bills. Reconnection after hours (Monday-Friday after 4pm, anytime on holidays and weekends) an additional $25.00 fee shall apply.

Who do I contact when I have a question about my Ambulance Bill.

For more information, please contact Rebecca Deem at 304-842-8253.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept, cash, check, money order, card transactions, and online payments (Utility Payments only). Please note payment with a card or online will include a transaction fee.