What is the procedure to speak before council?

At every City Council meeting, there is a sign-in sheet located at the podium. Legibly fill out your name, address, and topic/issue to be discussed. You will be called to the podium by the Mayor under the Public Comment portion of the agenda. According to a policy passed in 2013 in the City of Bridgeport, the speaker will have up to five minutes to address City Council. 

What are the duties of the City Clerk?

The City Clerk is fully responsible for municipal elections and records management for all departments. She coordinates activities with other city officials, departments, outside agencies, organizations, and the public. She provides responsible and complex support to the City Council, the City Manager, and other City personnel. The City Clerk works directly with City personnel in the development and interpretation of City and department policies; confers with the City Attorney and City Officials regarding compliance with federal, state and local laws, codes and regulations. She follows up on City Council actions to ensure timely preparation, indexing and filing of agreements, resolutions and ordinances. 

How can I reach a member of Council?

Members of council can be reached by contacting the City Clerk at 304-842-8209. If you would like to reach a specific member of council, their email addresses can be found here.

Where and when are City Council meetings?

City Council meetings are held the 2nd and 4th Monday of every month at 7:00 p.m. They take place in Council Chambers at Bridgeport Municipal Complex (515 W. Main Street).

What do I do if I want to run for City Council?

The election is nonpartisan and any person who is a qualified voter of the City of Bridgeport may file. A qualified voter is anyone who is a minimum of 18 years of age, a resident of Bridgeport, and not under conviction of a felony or other disqualification.

If Interested in running, please send a letter and Candidate Forms to City Clerk, Andrea Kerr or by mail at PO Box 1310, Bridgeport, WV 26330. 

Candidate Forms must be submitted within the time allotted on the Election Calendar.

For more information, please call Andrea Kerr at 304-842-8209.

How do I get appointed to a Commission, Committee, or Board?

Throughout the year, vacancies occur on many of our boards, committees, and commissions. If you are interested in serving, please send a letter of interest to City Clerk, Andrea Kerr or by mail at PO Box 1310, Bridgeport, WV 26330.

Your letter of interest will be kept on hand for openings that become available. Before your name is submitted to City Council for appointment, a staff member or council member will call you to make sure that you are still interested and available to serve.

For more information, please call Andrea Kerr at 304-842-8209.

Where can I obtain a resolution or ordinance?

Information regarding ordinances may be found here.

For more information, please call Andrea Kerr at 304-842-8209.

How do I find out what events are taking place in Bridgeport?

Events are listed on the Event Calendar.