Board of Zoning Appeals

Board of Zoning Appeals

Consists of five members.

Must be residents of the City & at least three-fifths of the members must have been residents of the City for at least ten years preceding the time of their appointment. No member of the Board shall be a member of any appointive office in the Municipal or County government.

Terms are for three years.

The chairman and vice chairman are elected by the Board from its membership at the first meeting of each year.

Powers & duties:

(1) Hear and determine appeals from and review any order, requirement, decision or determination made by an administrative office or board charged with the enforcement of the Zoning Ordinance of the City or any rule or regulation adopted pursuant thereto;
(2) Permit and authorize exceptions to the district rules and regulations only in the classes of cases or in particular situations, as specified in the Ordinance;
(3) Hear and decide all special permitted use requests listed in the various zoning districts;
(4) Authorize upon appeal in specific cases such variance from the terms of the Ordinance as will not be contrary to the public interest, where, owing to special conditions, a literal enforcement of the provisions of the Ordinance will result in unnecessary hardship, and so that the spirit of the Ordinance shall be observed and substantial justice done.

Meets when necessary

Contact: Andrea Kerr

Current Members:

Richard Forren ( Vice Chairman)
767 Long Street
Appt. 2/12/18
Expires 1/31/24

Meredith McCarthy (Chairman)
901 West Main Street
Appt. 1/24/00
Expires 1/31/24

Ryan Haws
244 Ross Street
Appt. 4/2014
Expires 1/21/23

Sam Spatafore
76 Bancroft Court
Appt. 01/28/02
Expires 01/31/24

Jacqueline Schirripa
208 E. Main Street
Appt. 10/31/2020
Expires 10/31/23

rev. 1/22