Development Authority

Development Authority

Consists of twelve members. These members include the Economic Development Committee (EDC) and six other members appointed by City Council. Members shall include representatives of business, industry, and labor.

See WV Code Article 12, Chapter 7 for qualifications.

Terms are for three years.

Duties, Power & Authority:

(1) Elect its own officers; make and adopt rules & regulations;
(2) Enter into contracts and do anything for the purpose of promoting, developing and advancing business, prosperity, and economic welfare of the City;
(3) Amend or supplement contracts or leases;
(4) Operate, maintain buildings and structures, delegate any authority given to it by law to any of its officers, committees, agents or employees;
(5) Apply for, receive and use grants-in-aid, donations, contributions; acquire and dispose of property;
(6) Raise funds for issuance of revenue bonds

Contact: Andrea Kerr

Current Members:

Andy Lang
71235 Briercliff Road
Term Expires 07/24/17 - council term

Okey J. Bowers, Jr. 
162 Ridgeway Drive
Appt 9/8/03
Term Expires 02/13/20

Jeffrey L. Barger
118 Ventura Drive
Appt. 10/13/14
Term Expires 10/24/19

Drew Pomeroy
3002 Dogwood Road
Appt 09/26/11
Term Expires 10/10/19

Jeff Smell (Council Rep)
215 Faris Avenue
Appt 09/26/11
Term Expires 6/30/19

Fred Sartoris 
126 Sherwood Road
Appt 10/12/15
Term Expires 10/22/2021

Bridget Furbee 
808 Stout Street
Appt 9/8/03
Term Expires 10/22/2021

Doug Marquette
120 E. Main Street
Appt 6/13/16
Term Expires 6/13/19

John Stogran (President)
14 Wakefield Street
Appt 9/8/03
Term Expires 10/22/2021

Mark Bonamico
424 Lawman Ave.
Appt 2/27/17
Term Expires 2/27/20

Frank Sutton
1000 Johnson Avenue
Appt 5/14/2018
Tern Expires 5/14/21



rev. 5/18