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2016 Bridgeport American Legion Post 68 Baseball Meeting

There will be an informational meeting for any player, and/or their parent, parents or guardians, interested in playing for Bridgeport American Legion Post 68 baseball this summer, either for the Senior or Junior team, on Monday, June 6, at the Bridgeport High School baseball field at 6PM. Players eligible to play for Bridgeport American Legion Post 68 in 2016 would include: Any player currently playing the 2016 high school baseball season at Bridgeport, Grafton, Lincoln or Notre Dame High Schools if Bridgeport High School is the shortest driving distance from a parent's or legal guardian's home residence than any other area legion teams' high school base. The other area legion teams' home bases would be Robert C. Byrd HS (Clarksburg), East Fairmont HS (Fairmont), Preston HS (Kingwood) & Morgantown HS (Morgantown). Any player that graduated high school in 2015 and previously played for the Bridgeport American Legion team, with name listed on the roster, provided said player was born in 1997 or later. A player born in 1996 or before is no longer eligible to play American Legion Baseball. Send e-mails to with any questions.
Date: 6/06/2016
Time: 6:00 PM - 6:30 PM