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Little Explorers Begins

Instructor: Anita Jesmer           $35/session
This pre-school science program will expose youngsters to interesting scientific facts and experiments. 
Parents are requested to stay for assistance with hands on projects. 
Outer Space - Investigate various planets, learn about Astronauts and rocket ships. 
Dinosaurs - Explore prehistoric times. Musical Instruments - Learn about sound waves and pitches of sounds that are made. 
Light Spectrum & Kaleidoscopes - Explore the different characteristics of light. 
Wavelength, frequency, white light and colors of light - Students will be making a monocular, binoculars and kaleidoscopes. 
                                         10:00-11:00 am 
Outer Space:                     1/12/17-2/2/17 
Dinosaurs:                         2/9/17-3/2/17 
Musical Instruments:        3/9/17-3/30/17 
Light Spectrum:                4/6/17-5/4/17 
                                                   6:00-7:00 pm 
Outer Space:                         Mon: 1/9/17-1/30/17 
                                                Wed: 1/11/17-2/1/17 
Dinosaurs:                             Mon: 2/6/17-2/27/17 
                                                Wed: 2/8/17-3/1/17 
Musical Instruments:           Mon: 3/6/17-3/27/17  
                                                Wed: 3/8/17-3/29/17 
Light Spectrum:                    Mon: 4/3/17-5/1/17 
                                                Wed: 4/5/17-5/3/17
Date: 3/06/2017
Time: 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM