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Greater Clarksburg Kennel Club Meet the Breed Day

On Sunday September 18th from 10AM to 2 PM you might say Bridgeport Farmers Market is going to the dogs. In the effort to educate the public about our wonderful canine companions and the interesting world of purebred dogs, the Greater Clarksburg Kennel Club will hold an “AKC Responsible Dog Owner Day” along with a “Meet the Breed” event.

Local club members and other purebred dog owners will be on hand with over 25 different American Kennel Club recognized breeds for the public to visit. The owners will answer questions regarding the characteristics of each particular breed. Obedience dogs and handlers will have a “Rally” course available and handlers will answer questions about training and competing in Rally and other American Kennel Club sanctioned obedience events. Also this year, the group plans to offer the public AKC Canine Good Citizenship testing for dog and owner teams. This test verifies 10 basic skills of training and good manners in the home and community or public areas. For this test, you would need your dog’s comb or brush and the dog must have a lead and secure buckle collar of the proper size. No flexi-leads are allowed. There will be a fee charged for this testing. Local Therapy dog teams will also be in attendance to inform the public of the activities they perform in the community. Educational literature will be available from the American Kennel Club concerning how to participate in AKC recognized events and programs along with information on becoming a responsible dog owner. Admission to the Event is Free. Questions about the event may be directed to Becky Conrad at 304-842-3685
Date: 9/18/2016
Time: 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM